June 27, 2016



Air Club International is a getaway club and an opportunity to gain exposure with other international clubs worldwide and people who are interested in participating in aviation activities around the world; our structure and options are different, yet successful.

Besides regular meetings, safety seminars, newsletters, and planned special events, our enthusiastic club pilots are focused on organizing fly-outs, sharing flights, charity missions, sponsoring community programs, professional and educational trips, family gathering or just island hoppering. Our experienced and knowledgeable flight and ground instructors are committed to promote club safety, pilot proficiency, and continuing educational aviation training.

Enjoy our diverse fleet of aircraft for flight training and recreational flying all in a fun, friendly environment.

Associate Members

Associate flying member don’t have to buy shares, a members pay a joining fee of $100.00 and $25 a month in dues, but must pay the first three months up front, and then pay month to month after that, (the reason we do that is to discourages people from joining for a month just to go flying once or twice).


Name Air Club International
Location Miami Executive Airport – KTNB
Website http://www..airclubinternational.org
Mailing Address P.O. Box 521096 Miami, Fl. 33152
Aircrafts 1976 Cessna 172M Skyhawk ($120/hr)
Associated Member joining fee $100.00  (Limited 20 associated members)
Monthly dues


$25 per month for associate members (must pay first 3 months in advance)


Shear holders Membership Maximum 45 shares
Scheduler www.airclubinternational.org
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